Unique ideas To Coordinate Your Men At Your Reception

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Unique ideas To Coordinate Your Men At Your Reception



Sup Men, your best friend is getting married isn’t he? he’s leaving the gang, it’s a sad day but it’s also a happy one. We’re sure you’re all really excited for him. And if you’re a man from the bride’s side well, I’m sure you’re all excited for her too. Regardless, the girls always get more attention than the guys. Let’s face it, guys usually go with the wind, but that doesn’t mean a little creativity hurts, right, after all, you want them to know whose side you’re from. And future bride and groom take note, here’s how you can bedazzle your bridesmaids and groomsmen for your wedding.


Bow Ties 


Yup it’s that simple, matching bow ties. Now you can get super funky with this, you don’t have to opt for a solid colour option, play around, polka dots, patterns, so many options, you can even get custom ones made. Regardless of what you decide matching bowties are a good way to go.




Same as the bowties, suspenders are another way you can coordinate your men. Now most of the times you might not see the suspenders if they’re wearing a suit, but maybe you don’t have to have them come in suits, again you can get funky, why do all Mehndis have Shalwaar kameezes, why can’t they wear a shirt, pants and some funky suspenders. And even if it’s a formal event they will eventually take off their jackets when eating food right?


Identical themed Cuff-links


Yes, yes a lot of identical themed stuff going on here, but men have limited options when compared to women. Themed Cufflinks, that’s as straight as we can get with you, we remember a co worker was a huge Batman fan, you know what his boys did? Batman cufflinks. Yup, its nerdy, geeky, but boy did they pull it off, and it actually look really good.so give it a thought


Same sock 


So we all know how crazy socks are these days, right? Well same bow ties, same suspenders, same cufflinks, why not same socks. I mean hey, might as well right. If you’re matching everything, might as well go with the socks too right. 

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