Suit Rules All Men Should Know

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Always get your suit stitchedInstead of buying one off the shelf opt to get a suit stitched. Take some time off, go to your tailor and have him take the right measurements, you’ll be surprised how good you’ll look when everything just fits. However, if you do buy one off the rack, make sure the shoulders fit.


Use a pocket squareAccessorise your suit with a pocket square, but make sure the fabric and pattern doesn’t not match that of your tie. Plus, it makes you look more sophisticated.


Unbutton when sitting downAlways remember to unbutton your suit when sitting down, it prevents your suit from getting ruined and if you’ve spent some good money on your suit you want to make sure to take good care of it. Also, it’s just easier to move around.


Last button should always be openNever button up all your buttons, leave the last one open, it makes you look less stiff, not to mention if you’ve got a nice belt on you, show that off.


Belt ColorAlways match your belt to the color of your shoes. Pick a nice belt, something thin and sleek, make sure to match the color of your belt as close as you can with your shoes. Never ever, wear black belts with brown shoes or vice versa.


Protect your chestWhile you’re at it, get your vest stitched too. Now a vest has other uses too, other than just its aesthetic appeal. For one, it makes your look more sophisticated, second, it keeps you snug when its winter.


Say no to baggy pantsThat’s right, your pants should just touch your shoes. It’s more fashionable, plus it makes your look sleeker. However, if you’re a little more conservative then the maximum length should be till your laces, no longer.


No hairy legsWhen wearing socks make sure you wear socks that rise up high, you don’t want people to look at your hairy legs, this is a situation most people face when they cross their legs and sit. Other than that, just flaunt your socks while you’re at it too!


Double ventsIf you have a large figure, going for a double vent will make you look more flattering, and the best part is, it gives you enough room to do the “hand in pocket” thing. So effortless. It also makes you look cool.


Wear an undershirtIf your sweat glands are overactive, it’s always a good idea to wear an undershirt so that when you take your suit jacket off you always look sharp and well kempt. Nobody likes sweat pits. However, make sure the undershirt has a low neck. Nothing ruins the appearance of a suit more than an undershirt peeking through the neck.


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