Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

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Is this article a follow up to the 5 creative proposal ideas? Pff no ….

Now getting married is no easy task, planning and executing a wedding must have been insanely stressful and tiring.  We all know sitting on stage for hours and hours alone makes you feel as if you’ve sat enough for a lifetime, now you’re ready to move about, you’ve done the whole family dinners, the meet and greets and the courteous smiles to people you may or may have not met. now it’s time for the two of you to go on your honeymoon. 

Now unless you’re filthy rich you might not get to take such a vacation like your honey money for years to come, and boy god forbid, after the little ones, will it just be the two of you alone? You want to make sure you make the most of it, but you don’t want to be bummed out after you get to your destination only to find out you’ve spent thousands and your destination isn’t all that you hoped for. 

That’s why we’re here to help you!

Pir sohawa and monal restaurant………………………………………… we’re joking relax

Ok onto the real ideas.



St Regis Florence:

Does your better half love romance? Does she like beautiful places? Do you both like a place full of history and culture? If so a trip to Florence Italy, is the place you should be at. The meals, the night sky , the art , culture, oh we can go on and on. The view from your room is guaranteed to set the mood. For you and your wife. And the best part, Italian hotspots such as Venice, Rome and the amalifi coast are but a small road trip away. But just take our word for it. Do your research too. Google images is a click away.


Walt Disney World:

We all want a happily ever after right? Assuming your wife has been dreaming of this day since she first saw a Disney movie, wouldn’t it be awesome to bring her to a place where dreams come true? Disney world gives newly weds packages that give you a cruise to the Bahamas. So if you’ve got money and want to spend it in the most magical way ever, all you need to do is go for this option and poof your moneys gone (we kid we kid). From fast passes to spas and other amenities, a Disney honeymoon is something the two of you will definitely enjoy. And the best part, you can even plan you own fireworks show while on the cruise. Now isn’t that dreamy?


Las Vegas, Nevada:

Do you and your partner like to party, want to just go and have a night out every night of your honeymoon, well then head over to Las Vegas, just make sure either of you don’t have a gambling habit otherwise that honeymoon might end way too soon. Plus, its haram.

But moving on from that, Las Vegas is ideal if you want to experience a fun night out, from fountain shows, magic shows and lots of street attractions.  Did we mention Vegas has some of the best hotels? 


Santorini, Greece:

You know this one. See Santorini and romance go hand in glove. This place literally reeks of romance. Start your day with its beautiful sunrise and end with its sunset. Pure matrimonial bliss. Santorini even offers thrill seekers the chance to go on hiking trips, do some cliff diving if you’re into that sort of thrill and even riding ATVs. If you’re not into any of that then just head down to its famous black sand beaches. Did we mention the city even has hot springs? Celebrate your honeymoon just like the Greeks do.


Bora Bora:

Now this one is the one place that is truly the getaway everyone deserves but the one not everyone can afford. Quite simply, Bora Bora is expensive, and it might not be for your average honeymoon couple, but hey if you can afford it, do consider it. 

White beaches, crystal clear blue lagoons and did we mention a volcano, yup its scenic alright. Bungalows perched above the water on high stilts that you and your partner can take a dip into anytime right from the swimming platform. Catch the sunrise without leaving your room and pamper yourselves with the resorts spa. Indulge in its breath-taking panoramic views, and enjoy food fit for a king and queen.

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