Pre Wedding Grooming Tips For Men

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All you guys getting married to your dream girl or dream bahu chosen by your parents, get ready, this one for you. Now you know your bride is always going to look better than you, and she’s going to be doing a lot to look her best for her wedding day and for you to. Here are some tips that you can follow to look your best!

Make an impression with your hairstyle.

This one goes without saying, but the right haircut here makes all the difference. Hair styles come and go but wedding pictures last forever. Now don’t go too crazy, we don’t mean go and pick a hairstyle just because it’s trendy, go for one that looks good for your face. Now this doesn’t mean you do this one day before the big day. Visit a professional barber, see what he says what he suggests, find the right look. And on the day of your wedding or a day before, schedule an appointment and have them style your hair for you!

Keep your beard clean.

For all you guys that rock a beard, remember to keep it moisturised, comb it everyday and keep it hydrated. You don’t want your beard looking dry and unhealthy. Remember to get your beard made a day before the wedding, keep that neck clean, and for those who keep more of a stubble ask your barber to make it cleaner, make sure your beard length is even.

Keep your skin healthy.

It’s not just your hair that you should take care of, it’s also your skin after all when it’s time for those portraits you want to make sure you don’t have a pimple to ruin what would otherwise be a picture that’s perfect. Get into the habit of moisturising your face. Heck, treat yourself, go in for facial, get rid of those blackheads. Some men may not be comfortable with the idea but give it a shot. Trust us, in fact you might even enjoy it.

Wide smiles

That’s right, you want to remember this day with fond memories, and for that you need to smile in your pictures, after all you’ll be on a stage for hours taking pictures with your guests. Schedule an appointment with your dentist, ask him to brighten those pearls for you. That way you’ll be confident smiling with your teeth.  Miswaak or Colgate just isn’t enough.

Don’t forget your hands!

If you’re comfortable going in for a manicure, DO IT, but for all those who are not, it’s simple just keep your nails clean. Cut your nails make sure you look presentable. You don’t want your bride to feel your claws digging into her when you’re holding hands. Now do you want food particles to get stuck underneath. We repeat, just make sure they’re clean.

Too Hairy?

Now there’s nothing wrong with being hairy, it’s very masculine and we know you’re super proud to show how much testosterone is pumping inside of you you BUT! Maybe not everyone likes that. Nothing wrong with hairy arms or hair legs, or a hairy chest, but not everyone likes a hairy back. Maybe trim it, or wax it if possible, not everyone would, but if you love her you just might take up this option. BTW, we did a survey, apparently women are cool with hair, just not on the back. Oh well.


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