Post-wedding jitters—is it a thing?

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Post event anxiety or stress is normal because we always have a vision in our minds of how something will go and of course, it never quite matches up. While many newlyweds are blissed out, others are hit with the post-wedding blues, and it can be debilitating. Big life changes — even positive ones like an engagement, or marriage, can trigger stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. 

The important part is to examine your feelings and make sure the anxiety is about the Event and not your new spouse. As a bride or groom, you are facing a difficult adjustment period in the first year, and the “post-wedding stress” just doesn’t make it any easier. Good news. This effect is temporary. Life will soon return to normal, and with it, your perspective and humor. 

The key to avoiding the post-wedding blues is organization; the more prepared you are, the less you’ll suffer afterwards. 


– It is not unusual to feel down after the intense planning and preparations – and being the focus of attention. Suddenly, it’s all over. There’s no use stressing about it. Remind yourself how well you’ve done, even if everything doesn’t quite go to plan. Holding on to some perspective helps to lessen the post-wedding blues. Go do couple things… You’re married now, so go out as a married couple. Discover new things together, be proactive, not depressed.


– The psychological transition you’re making from single woman to married woman can sometimes be overwhelming. In order to grow into the new lifestyle and identity as a married person, you must shed the old identity as single. Your hormones and psychology may flail slightly given the emotional height of the day and the big commitment you’ve made, but it’s usually nothing to worry about. Share it with other newly weds. Search for other recently married women who may have the same feelings of the “after-wedding blues.”


– You’re not as occupied anymore, the wedding sucked up a lot of time. And now you suddenly have your evenings free. All the stress of planning—or putting up with your fiancée’s planning, now you don’t have all that to do so you’re bored. And boredom leads to depression. Get involved with something new. Discover a new passion, and dive in headfirst.


– Recognise that your wedding isn’t the same as your marriage. You should accept that you’re going to get back to a different ‘normal’ & marriage is life-changing. But when you think about the lovely and loving reasons that brought you here, you should feel better almost immediately. You just have to remember that you had a beautiful wedding day and focus on the next positive thing in your life! Your married life. Sticking to the positive will help you more than you expect. you expect.

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