A SIX Month Grooming Guide for the Groom


The bride always steals the show at a wedding right? Well, we wouldn’t say it’s your turn to steal the show, but yeah we promise you will be noticed.


6 months is a long time, it’s also not such a long time. Which is exactly why you need to utilise this time to get some things on track. We obviously can’t stress this enough, which is why we keep repeating it “you only get married once ” well at least we hope so. A lot can happen in 6 months, but it also depends on if you make it happen within that time. So let’s dive deep into what can be accomplished in this time frame. Now do remember whatever we list down is something that truly can be accomplished, it’s not impossible, bigger miracles have happened in less than the time were advising you, so honestly there’s no excuse.


 Explore a skincare routine


 Let’s face it, most men just don’t take care of their skin, they’re out in the sun, sometimes they don’t even wash their face, and sometimes they don’t even care about their acne. Yes, there are the exceptions but the majority of the men just don’t. Please don’t think we are endorsing fairness creams here that’s not the point. We simply mean taking care of your skin. After all, you do want to look good for your wedding, right? Well in that case it’d be a good idea to look into some skin care products. These products can help you with your acne, they can keep dirt away that will settle down into your pores and they can even help with oily or dry skin. 6 months is enough time to get you in peak skin condition.  Do it bro.


 Get your hair game plan in place


If you’ve always kept the same hairstyle since school, maybe now is a good time to shake things up. After all, you don’t want to just risk going to the stylist on the day of your wedding and leave your hair’s fate in their hands only to come out of the salon unhappy. You want to come out with a hairstyle that you want to flaunt. Well 6 months is a good time to start experimenting. Who knows you might just find a new hairstyle you’ll want to keep forever. Or at least until your second marriage if it ever comes to that, we hope not.


 Get the smile of your dreams


You’ll be smiling in a lot of photos, and even if you’re the type to not show your teeth, when weddings festivities are going on, you might not always get a warning before the flash goes off and the moment is forever captured. You want those pearls to shine right? Well, take this time and visit a dentist, get your cleaning done, some scaling, some whitening. After your through you’ll want to show your teeth off just like those people in the close up toothpaste ads.


Consider hitting the weights


If you’ve always been skinny, or if you’ve always been overweight, 6 months can do wonders if you start picking up weights or adding an exercise regime in your routine. In 6 months you can lose a lot of pounds or gain. Work with a personal trainer and you’ll be surprised with the results. Of course it goes without saying that you will need to eat right too, consult your trainer and ask for meal plans that will help you achieve your goals. Surprise everyone at your wedding, surprise your bride to be, you’ll be amazed the reaction you’ll get.


Do Something About Those Hands And Feet


Proper hygiene is always important, regardless of whether you’re getting married or not. Now if you are not the type to get manicures or pedicures done at least try integrating them into your life. If you bite your nails, 6 months is a long time to grow them back. The idea might not click well with everyone but hey its 2020 get on with the times. It’s cool now. I mean after all that, the ring will go on your finger. You want your fingernail to be dirty? Or looking like a rabid dog that has been chewing on your nails for years? Yeah didn’t think so. You don’t need to go crazy and over do it just get it done once a month. Who knows you might just enjoy it. Remember women like men who take care of themselves.

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