Honeymoon Tips to make Your Trip Memorable


While you’re still basking in post-wedding bliss, here’s how you can make your honeymoon trip extra romantic and totally unforgettable. 

The most important trip of a couple’s marriage is their honeymoon, because this is when they get to know each other, share secrets, and make incredible memories. 




The first and the most important thing about making a memorable honeymoon are to make sure both of you are the only people in this trip.  Avoid interruptions from the outside world whether its work, the family is missing you guys or the friends need to gossip. Friends and family can wait.


When to Start Planning


Next step, as soon as you know your wedding date, start planning the honeymoon! Just keep in mind that one or both of you may want to change your surname, so you will have to make a decision about surnames for bookings requiring both of your names. Whether you decide to go on your honeymoon right after your ceremony or a few months later, you need to talk about a destination, make travel arrangements and figure out what activities you both enjoy.


Choose the Destination Together 


Discuss what kind of holiday you would like to go for; Romantic or adventurous, peaceful or exciting, road-trip or luxury cruise, culture or nature. These really help narrow down the destinations you can plan. Once decided on the theme you would like to go with, list down 5 destinations which you like and ask your spouse to do the same that’ll give you some direction. One the list is narrowed down, read up about the destinations and narrow it down further to the two most fitting ones and then decide. 


Leave Room for Surprises


Another tip to plan a honeymoon is to schedule surprises for your new spouse throughout the trip. Whether it’s SkyDiving, a special dinner near the sea or even a couple’s massage, consider packing little personal touches like chocolates and candles, then setting up a playlist filled with soft music for a night in as a surprise. Take some time to see what your hotel, resort or the surrounding area offers to add a little excitement to your honeymoon.


Do something adventurous


Besides, doing something out of your comfort zone also gives you a special memory to look back upon. Or if that’s too much for either of you, plan an activity that’s more toned down but still new to the both of you.


Lastly, take as many pictures together as you can, take a Polaroid camera if need be. And make memories. 

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