Videography Do’s and Don’ts


If your planning on getting your wedding captured on film, don’t worry, Wedlog’s here to help. Not that we need to tell you this, but there are some things to look out for when booking your videographers. So without any further ado, here are some do’s and don’ts.



  • Don’t wait till the last moment! 



Plan in advance, making bookings early, especially during the wedding season, (aka winter, aka seafood wali shaadi). It’s a busy time, you don’t want to be the only one with a wedding film that you regret, or one with really bad transitions that you’d be ashamed to show your friends and family, or worse have a video you don’t even want to watch yourself.



  • Do look at the Videographers Portfolio before hiring them.



Don’t just look at the shots also look for the sound quality! Especially if you have any speeches planned or a skit during the dances. You want to make sure you get every bit of it. Also look out for the editing style, you don’t want a video with really bad cheesy transitions.



  • Don’t Hire a videographer just because he’s cheap.



You might save a few bucks now but consider your wedding video as an investment. It should be a video that you’d have fond memories of and one that you would want to re-watch again and again.



  • Do take out the time and meet your Videographer.



YOU NEED MEET THE TEAM BEFORE DECIDING ANYTHING because at the end of the day you want someone you’re comfortable with, if you don’t like him then why have him at your wedding right?



  • Don’t book your videographer just because he’s expensive and everyone recommends him.



Don’t just hire them “Kyun ke posh wali feeling athi hai us say” (because he sounds premium), look at his work instead. We can guarantee you there are many talented wedding videography teams that can even bundle photography packages. Yes, they do say “jithna gur dalo uthna meeta” (the more sugar you

 add the sweeter it is), While that may be true in some situations it doesn’t always work that way. 


  1. Do take the time and sit down with your videographer.


 If there’s anything special that’s being planned, make sure to tell him in advance. If there’s any special people that you want them to focus on let them know! If you give them the right directions, you can bet they will be more comfortable and know exactly what to capture!

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Signs You Married Your Best Friend


At this point, it’s so overused that it’s basically a cliché to say, “I married my best friend.” Cliché aside, calling someone your partner sounds wonderful, but it becomes even more enjoyable when that person is also your best friend. In other words, being married to your best friend makes life so much more fun and beautiful! Is your husband/Wife your best friend? Let’s find out. 


– You’ve got your own secret language


Anyone in a relationship or around one long enough soon realises there are times couples speak their own secret language. A private vocabulary that makes no sense to anyone around, in other instances, words aren’t necessary at all. Sometimes adopting each other’s mannerisms and quirks, the weird nicknames and special words you have for each other, when what you’re saying doesn’t entirely make sense but you both understand each other perfectly, how when you say “I love you” with just a look, and all this eventually develops into a dialect of your own. 


– You know them better than you know yourself


Your husband/wife is with you all the time, even when you’re not together. Hard times happen, even in the healthiest, happiest marriages, you can tell just by the look on their face when they’ve had a bad day, you can read them like a book as well and being able to finish each other’s’ sentences is no big deal to you guys.


– You always make each other laugh


You two find each other the funniest human beings on earth. You have the same sense of humour, which makes being together so fun. You both have a whole docket of inside jokes that you find pee-in-your-pants hilarious.


– You Argue a lot but your arguments never last long


 You may argue with your best friend, you snap at each other over stupid things, but at the end of the day you know deep down that you will work through it and forgive each other. You value each other too much to let something get in the way of your friendship.


– They’re the first person you call for every little thing


You never run out of things to talk about. Despite the fact that you know pretty much everything there is to know about each other, and see each other almost constantly, you always have something new to talk about, and you can keep the conversation going for hours. When you get good news or bad news, read something interesting, hear something ridiculous, or see the most hilarious, “that is so true” quotes on Instagram you just want to share it with your partner. Even if you break a nail you would call them up and tell them what happened, why it happened and how it happened. 


– You know there’s no one else better for you


Whatever happens, good or ugly, you know they’ll always be there. Nothing matters more to him than you. You are his whole life and the centre of his universe and vice versa. He’ll love you exactly the same in both sweatpants and heels. You have the luxury of friendship and love all in one person. And you can’t imagine life without them.

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Unique ideas To Coordinate Your Men At Your Reception



Sup Men, your best friend is getting married isn’t he? he’s leaving the gang, it’s a sad day but it’s also a happy one. We’re sure you’re all really excited for him. And if you’re a man from the bride’s side well, I’m sure you’re all excited for her too. Regardless, the girls always get more attention than the guys. Let’s face it, guys usually go with the wind, but that doesn’t mean a little creativity hurts, right, after all, you want them to know whose side you’re from. And future bride and groom take note, here’s how you can bedazzle your bridesmaids and groomsmen for your wedding.


Bow Ties 


Yup it’s that simple, matching bow ties. Now you can get super funky with this, you don’t have to opt for a solid colour option, play around, polka dots, patterns, so many options, you can even get custom ones made. Regardless of what you decide matching bowties are a good way to go.




Same as the bowties, suspenders are another way you can coordinate your men. Now most of the times you might not see the suspenders if they’re wearing a suit, but maybe you don’t have to have them come in suits, again you can get funky, why do all Mehndis have Shalwaar kameezes, why can’t they wear a shirt, pants and some funky suspenders. And even if it’s a formal event they will eventually take off their jackets when eating food right?


Identical themed Cuff-links


Yes, yes a lot of identical themed stuff going on here, but men have limited options when compared to women. Themed Cufflinks, that’s as straight as we can get with you, we remember a co worker was a huge Batman fan, you know what his boys did? Batman cufflinks. Yup, its nerdy, geeky, but boy did they pull it off, and it actually look really give it a thought


Same sock 


So we all know how crazy socks are these days, right? Well same bow ties, same suspenders, same cufflinks, why not same socks. I mean hey, might as well right. If you’re matching everything, might as well go with the socks too right. 

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Honeymoon Tips to make Your Trip Memorable


While you’re still basking in post-wedding bliss, here’s how you can make your honeymoon trip extra romantic and totally unforgettable. 

The most important trip of a couple’s marriage is their honeymoon, because this is when they get to know each other, share secrets, and make incredible memories. 




The first and the most important thing about making a memorable honeymoon are to make sure both of you are the only people in this trip.  Avoid interruptions from the outside world whether its work, the family is missing you guys or the friends need to gossip. Friends and family can wait.


When to Start Planning


Next step, as soon as you know your wedding date, start planning the honeymoon! Just keep in mind that one or both of you may want to change your surname, so you will have to make a decision about surnames for bookings requiring both of your names. Whether you decide to go on your honeymoon right after your ceremony or a few months later, you need to talk about a destination, make travel arrangements and figure out what activities you both enjoy.


Choose the Destination Together 


Discuss what kind of holiday you would like to go for; Romantic or adventurous, peaceful or exciting, road-trip or luxury cruise, culture or nature. These really help narrow down the destinations you can plan. Once decided on the theme you would like to go with, list down 5 destinations which you like and ask your spouse to do the same that’ll give you some direction. One the list is narrowed down, read up about the destinations and narrow it down further to the two most fitting ones and then decide. 


Leave Room for Surprises


Another tip to plan a honeymoon is to schedule surprises for your new spouse throughout the trip. Whether it’s SkyDiving, a special dinner near the sea or even a couple’s massage, consider packing little personal touches like chocolates and candles, then setting up a playlist filled with soft music for a night in as a surprise. Take some time to see what your hotel, resort or the surrounding area offers to add a little excitement to your honeymoon.


Do something adventurous


Besides, doing something out of your comfort zone also gives you a special memory to look back upon. Or if that’s too much for either of you, plan an activity that’s more toned down but still new to the both of you.


Lastly, take as many pictures together as you can, take a Polaroid camera if need be. And make memories. 

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Planning a Teeny, Tiny Wedding.


How to Get Married When You’re Young and Broke? Well, you can always have a small wedding.


Who doesn’t want a wedding that’s meaningful, impactful, and full of memories — memories that make you absolutely giddy for joy when you think about them, right? You want the same, don’t you? We thought so! 


Apart from the obvious benefit of saving a ton of cash on a one-night affair, here are some other reasons to consider tying the knot the tiny way. Not that we are against big weddings or big weddings cannot connect a bride and groom with their guests, it just gets exceedingly harder the bigger your guest list is, the louder the music is, and the later the evening is. There are so many perks to having a small wedding.


Not everyone might be thrilled you’re having an intimate wedding. Feelings might be hurt when you limit the guest list. The easiest way to create an atmosphere where you (as the bride and groom) feel connected to your guests is to limit the number of people you want to celebrate with, it also allows you and your guests to have more intimate social interactions. One of the best ways to create a beautiful and curated experience where you’re able to reflect and take time to spend with your partner is to simply cut out the extra “stuff” including those extra guests. Less People, Less Formalities.


Hold the ceremony at home, or outdoors. Renting a building or function hall for your ceremony and reception can be very expensive. Not having to fit hundreds of guests under one roof means that you are free to get creative with your venue. Instead, consider using your own home (or the home of a parent) or maybe your partners roof, or the garden you grew up running in for your ceremony. This will make your day even more sentimental and meaningful.


Every wedding, no matter the size, will need food, staff, rentals, some décor, and entertainment, so keep those basics in mind as you’re making plans. So much thought goes into the details of a wedding, whether large or small. Instead of spending boatloads of money on flowers that will die shortly after the reception, keep it simple but elegant. As you’re determining the details, decide what is important to you and your partner and skip the things that don’t matter. Know your crowd and replace it with an activity everyone will enjoy. You can easily mix some of the add-ons that couples try to squeeze into their budgets. You might even skip the formal invitations. Call each of your guests personally to invite them to your wedding, or send handwritten letters.


If you’re hiring people to provide services for your reception (musicians, florists, caterers, photographers, etc.), offer to advertise for them in exchange for helping you out. Put a small card by each person’s place setting that lists the businesses responsible for each service at the wedding, along with their contact information. People ask so many questions, where’s the food from, I love the decoration who helped you? Who’s taking the pictures? You won’t have to answer any of that. 


Now comes the food, why spend SO much money on 10 different dishes? Do the catering yourself, or ask your family, (Khallas, mamis or whoever you’re close to) to help. They will almost always go the extra mile to make your wedding special and are generally more understanding of your particular budget needs. 


The dress… Well, most people I know have spent so much money on their wedding dresses that they can hold 10 small separate events with money they spent on the dress they just wore ONCE. No hate, but I wouldn’t do that. If you need help picking a shaadi jora, let us help you. … Psst, you should totally invade your mother’s closet, why not customise your mom’s wedding dress a little bit and wear it? If not, you can always use your imagination and design sense when it comes to wearing clothes. You know what you like, you know what you want. So why not design it yourself? Trust me that’ll save you tons of money. 


Planning a smaller, more intimate wedding allows you to say no to the excess. Less paper waste, less food waste from a large buffet where everyone piles their plates high, less unnecessary drama. After all, marriage is about celebrating the love between you and your significant other with the people you truly care about. A small wedding can still be filled to the brim with joy thanks to less fluff, less fuss.

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Signs Your Relationship Is Strong Enough to Get Engaged


So you’re in love and you believe you found “the one.” If only you could read your partner’s mind!


Along your journey of love, you have finally come across your soul mate, and the universe has conspired to bring the two of you together. The length of the relationship doesn’t matter because it’s about the bond between the couple. Now the universe is giving you signs that maybe it’s time to seal the deal, to be the peanut butter to her jelly, the cheese to her pizza, to be the key for her lock. 


It doesn’t feel scary 


For many people, the idea of marriage is scary, the very idea of being bound to a single person for the rest of your life is a thought not many can stomach. For some it’s taking the responsibility of another person, and for others it’s whether you think someone else can accept you for who you are. However as with many fears it is just that, a state of the mind. However, once you find your person, that fear goes away. So when that happens and trust us that will, well that’s the universe telling you to go for it. So if you like it, then you should put a ring on it……uh uh oh oh uh uh oh.


You’re at Your Most Comfortable with Them


This is a sure fire sign, if you and your partner are comfortable around each other, and i mean comfortable to a point where you can say or do anything around them and not feel weird or awkward then it’s time to get engaged. After all you’re going to be spending your life with this person, do you really want to be with someone who will make you self conscious if they are around you? 


Your Communication Is In Great Shape


As they say communication is key. It’s one of the most integral parts to a relationship. A lot of married couples have trouble communicating with each other, but if you and your partner are able to talk about anything and everything and are able to communicate with each other freely about your problems then trust us, you should cherish that person because that is a sign that tells you that not only will there be lesser misunderstandings between the two of you, it will also most likely play a huge role in keeping the two of you together and happy.


You’ve Hit Rough Spots—And Gotten Through Them


All couples hit rough spots, however not everyone gets out of them. Not everyone has the stamina and patience to endure the hardship. Many simply call it quits. It’s just human nature, humans tend to avoid things and situations that are unpleasant for them. However, it is exactly those difficult situations that will dictate how your partner will react if you hit a rough spot. This could be anything from jealousy, misunderstandings, financial issues, long distance. However, if you get through it and your bond becomes stronger through the process, then you know that in the future should you hit a rough spot again you know you’ll make it through. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, its compromise, it helps move us along. Yes, we quoted maroon got a problem?


People Are Asking


People are very perceptive, yes sometimes they are wrong in coupling two people when they might just be really good friends, however if people know two people are together and they keep asking when you two will tie the knot, they do that because they see the chemistry. Some are just really nosy, and some might even say it as a taunt…. BUT!!! If people are asking it’s because they really think that you should end up together.

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The Mistakes Brides Always Make


Stay clear of these mistakes brides make on the big day!


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about wedding planning but were too afraid to ask. We’re here to help you every step of the way as you get organised to plan the best day ever.


The path to getting married is littered with missteps. There are a few wedding mistakes brides always make. Don’t let them happen to you. 

We spoke with several brides and asked them if they had to do it over, what would they have done differently? Here’s what most of the had to say 


– “I would have budgeted better.”

– “I would have focused more on how to record the day.”

– “I would have spent more time enjoying the reception.”

– “I wouldn’t have stressed so much.”


But this isn’t just it, where should you begin so your wedding planning starts on solid footing? “Once your budget is established, you can make smart decisions on hiring the right team of vendors who work best with your personalities and will execute your vision for the day. If everything is going as planned, you obviously won’t be stressed and have more time enjoying the reception. 


Still, even the most vigilant bride can be steered off course, and you don’t want to make the same mistakes other brides have. 




You Don’t Put Yourself First


Your wedding day is about committing your life to that one person for the rest of your life. This is pretty serious. As much as you or anyone else LOVE details, flowers, and a gorgeous designer dress, your wedding day needs to be about you two and not about getting it published. All the details come in second place.


You Don’t Say Hello to Everyone


These days, most couples forgo the formal post-ceremony receiving line. If you have a big family obviously not saying hello will upset your phopos, chachis, mamis and others. Make an effort to find something sincere and personal to say to each guest (only then they’ll have something nice to say about your manners). 


Arrange Someone To Take Care Of The Food


Now when we talk about taking care of the food at a desi wedding, we mean… well, someone who makes sure the waiters serve the food on time, they don’t waste the food and once everyone’s done eating they pack the food properly. This takes hours to sort out. 


You Over Decorate


No wedding feels truly complete without wedding decorations. However simple they may be.

First things first, what should you decorate? You don’t really have to decorate every single nook and cranny to make a huge impact, as long as you focus on these basic wedding decoration elements.


Provide Extra Seats at the Ceremony


Whoever belongs to a desi family knows, you’re always invited everywhere. So just know, you will always need roughly 20 more chairs than there are people when you’re having a desi wedding. 


Over-Scheduling Your Photographer


Timing is significant on your wedding day and making sure that you have allocated enough time for your wedding photographer can make a huge difference to the quality and beauty of your wedding pictures; impressive candid shots need time and cannot be rushed. Of course, the logistics of each wedding can vary a lot. You should take into account that hair and makeup preparations can sometimes run over schedule. Make sure that your wedding photographer and hairstylist/make-up artist are aware of your wedding day timeline; your wedding preparations only happen once and you should ensure that there will be enough time for everything, especially photography.


Leave Enough Time for Wedding Dress Alterations


When you find your wedding dress, you may think the hard part is over…but when the dress arrives, you are likely to have something altered. Even if the dress fits you perfectly at that time, leave enough time before the wedding day to check if the dress still fits you perfectly or not. 


You Can’t Let Go of the Little Things


Many brides can count on at least one hand the details that did not go according to plan. Just know everything cannot go according to what you’ve planned, that doesn’t mean your day is ruined. The key is to let them happen and enjoy the day. 


You Forget to Eat


Last but not least among the things brides forget is to eat. Your wedding day is a very busy, overwhelming day. Get a good breakfast and plenty of water. And then enjoy everything that’s served at the event, you’ve earned it. After months of not eating, focusing on your body, you’ve finally achieved what you’ve wanted. Now EAT and enjoy your day. 

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A SIX Month Grooming Guide for the Groom


The bride always steals the show at a wedding right? Well, we wouldn’t say it’s your turn to steal the show, but yeah we promise you will be noticed.


6 months is a long time, it’s also not such a long time. Which is exactly why you need to utilise this time to get some things on track. We obviously can’t stress this enough, which is why we keep repeating it “you only get married once ” well at least we hope so. A lot can happen in 6 months, but it also depends on if you make it happen within that time. So let’s dive deep into what can be accomplished in this time frame. Now do remember whatever we list down is something that truly can be accomplished, it’s not impossible, bigger miracles have happened in less than the time were advising you, so honestly there’s no excuse.


 Explore a skincare routine


 Let’s face it, most men just don’t take care of their skin, they’re out in the sun, sometimes they don’t even wash their face, and sometimes they don’t even care about their acne. Yes, there are the exceptions but the majority of the men just don’t. Please don’t think we are endorsing fairness creams here that’s not the point. We simply mean taking care of your skin. After all, you do want to look good for your wedding, right? Well in that case it’d be a good idea to look into some skin care products. These products can help you with your acne, they can keep dirt away that will settle down into your pores and they can even help with oily or dry skin. 6 months is enough time to get you in peak skin condition.  Do it bro.


 Get your hair game plan in place


If you’ve always kept the same hairstyle since school, maybe now is a good time to shake things up. After all, you don’t want to just risk going to the stylist on the day of your wedding and leave your hair’s fate in their hands only to come out of the salon unhappy. You want to come out with a hairstyle that you want to flaunt. Well 6 months is a good time to start experimenting. Who knows you might just find a new hairstyle you’ll want to keep forever. Or at least until your second marriage if it ever comes to that, we hope not.


 Get the smile of your dreams


You’ll be smiling in a lot of photos, and even if you’re the type to not show your teeth, when weddings festivities are going on, you might not always get a warning before the flash goes off and the moment is forever captured. You want those pearls to shine right? Well, take this time and visit a dentist, get your cleaning done, some scaling, some whitening. After your through you’ll want to show your teeth off just like those people in the close up toothpaste ads.


Consider hitting the weights


If you’ve always been skinny, or if you’ve always been overweight, 6 months can do wonders if you start picking up weights or adding an exercise regime in your routine. In 6 months you can lose a lot of pounds or gain. Work with a personal trainer and you’ll be surprised with the results. Of course it goes without saying that you will need to eat right too, consult your trainer and ask for meal plans that will help you achieve your goals. Surprise everyone at your wedding, surprise your bride to be, you’ll be amazed the reaction you’ll get.


Do Something About Those Hands And Feet


Proper hygiene is always important, regardless of whether you’re getting married or not. Now if you are not the type to get manicures or pedicures done at least try integrating them into your life. If you bite your nails, 6 months is a long time to grow them back. The idea might not click well with everyone but hey its 2020 get on with the times. It’s cool now. I mean after all that, the ring will go on your finger. You want your fingernail to be dirty? Or looking like a rabid dog that has been chewing on your nails for years? Yeah didn’t think so. You don’t need to go crazy and over do it just get it done once a month. Who knows you might just enjoy it. Remember women like men who take care of themselves.

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Our Favourite Pakistani Power Couples

by admin

Everlasting True Love Really Does Exist!

Love. It makes the world go ‘round, right? Well, at least that’s how the saying goes.

Everyone yearns for everlasting true love, but most people who can’t find it just give up. 

From Cricketers, singers and famous stars from the best tv series in town –  Love, it seems, is alive and well. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we revisit a few celebrity nuptials, ahead.

Syra Shehroz and Shehroz Sabzwari

One of Pakistan’s most cherished couples, Syra Shahroz and Shahroz Sabzwari undoubtedly feed off of each other’s energies, sharing amazing chemistry and mutual understanding. Every picture of the couple shows how they have managed to keep a spark in their married life proving themselves to be made for each other. 

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar

Actor turned activist Hamza Ali Abbasi and actor Naimal Khawar Khan tied the knot after a two year old friendship. Both of them have been grabbing a lot of attention lately. Hamza Abbasi and Naimal Khawar look absolutely beautiful together and everybody has been obsessed with the duo’s good looks.

Feroze Khan and Alizey Feroze

Well, Feroze Khan broke millions of hearts last year when he got married. From the day they got married, fans have been gushing over how cute they couple is, and really what’s not to love. The duo have been blessed with a baby boy.

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Is this article a follow up to the 5 creative proposal ideas? Pff no ….

Now getting married is no easy task, planning and executing a wedding must have been insanely stressful and tiring.  We all know sitting on stage for hours and hours alone makes you feel as if you’ve sat enough for a lifetime, now you’re ready to move about, you’ve done the whole family dinners, the meet and greets and the courteous smiles to people you may or may have not met. now it’s time for the two of you to go on your honeymoon. 

Now unless you’re filthy rich you might not get to take such a vacation like your honey money for years to come, and boy god forbid, after the little ones, will it just be the two of you alone? You want to make sure you make the most of it, but you don’t want to be bummed out after you get to your destination only to find out you’ve spent thousands and your destination isn’t all that you hoped for. 

That’s why we’re here to help you!

Pir sohawa and monal restaurant………………………………………… we’re joking relax

Ok onto the real ideas.



St Regis Florence:

Does your better half love romance? Does she like beautiful places? Do you both like a place full of history and culture? If so a trip to Florence Italy, is the place you should be at. The meals, the night sky , the art , culture, oh we can go on and on. The view from your room is guaranteed to set the mood. For you and your wife. And the best part, Italian hotspots such as Venice, Rome and the amalifi coast are but a small road trip away. But just take our word for it. Do your research too. Google images is a click away.


Walt Disney World:

We all want a happily ever after right? Assuming your wife has been dreaming of this day since she first saw a Disney movie, wouldn’t it be awesome to bring her to a place where dreams come true? Disney world gives newly weds packages that give you a cruise to the Bahamas. So if you’ve got money and want to spend it in the most magical way ever, all you need to do is go for this option and poof your moneys gone (we kid we kid). From fast passes to spas and other amenities, a Disney honeymoon is something the two of you will definitely enjoy. And the best part, you can even plan you own fireworks show while on the cruise. Now isn’t that dreamy?


Las Vegas, Nevada:

Do you and your partner like to party, want to just go and have a night out every night of your honeymoon, well then head over to Las Vegas, just make sure either of you don’t have a gambling habit otherwise that honeymoon might end way too soon. Plus, its haram.

But moving on from that, Las Vegas is ideal if you want to experience a fun night out, from fountain shows, magic shows and lots of street attractions.  Did we mention Vegas has some of the best hotels? 


Santorini, Greece:

You know this one. See Santorini and romance go hand in glove. This place literally reeks of romance. Start your day with its beautiful sunrise and end with its sunset. Pure matrimonial bliss. Santorini even offers thrill seekers the chance to go on hiking trips, do some cliff diving if you’re into that sort of thrill and even riding ATVs. If you’re not into any of that then just head down to its famous black sand beaches. Did we mention the city even has hot springs? Celebrate your honeymoon just like the Greeks do.


Bora Bora:

Now this one is the one place that is truly the getaway everyone deserves but the one not everyone can afford. Quite simply, Bora Bora is expensive, and it might not be for your average honeymoon couple, but hey if you can afford it, do consider it. 

White beaches, crystal clear blue lagoons and did we mention a volcano, yup its scenic alright. Bungalows perched above the water on high stilts that you and your partner can take a dip into anytime right from the swimming platform. Catch the sunrise without leaving your room and pamper yourselves with the resorts spa. Indulge in its breath-taking panoramic views, and enjoy food fit for a king and queen.

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