The Mistakes Brides Always Make

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The Mistakes Brides Always Make


Stay clear of these mistakes brides make on the big day!


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about wedding planning but were too afraid to ask. We’re here to help you every step of the way as you get organised to plan the best day ever.


The path to getting married is littered with missteps. There are a few wedding mistakes brides always make. Don’t let them happen to you. 

We spoke with several brides and asked them if they had to do it over, what would they have done differently? Here’s what most of the had to say 


– “I would have budgeted better.”

– “I would have focused more on how to record the day.”

– “I would have spent more time enjoying the reception.”

– “I wouldn’t have stressed so much.”


But this isn’t just it, where should you begin so your wedding planning starts on solid footing? “Once your budget is established, you can make smart decisions on hiring the right team of vendors who work best with your personalities and will execute your vision for the day. If everything is going as planned, you obviously won’t be stressed and have more time enjoying the reception. 


Still, even the most vigilant bride can be steered off course, and you don’t want to make the same mistakes other brides have. 




You Don’t Put Yourself First


Your wedding day is about committing your life to that one person for the rest of your life. This is pretty serious. As much as you or anyone else LOVE details, flowers, and a gorgeous designer dress, your wedding day needs to be about you two and not about getting it published. All the details come in second place.


You Don’t Say Hello to Everyone


These days, most couples forgo the formal post-ceremony receiving line. If you have a big family obviously not saying hello will upset your phopos, chachis, mamis and others. Make an effort to find something sincere and personal to say to each guest (only then they’ll have something nice to say about your manners). 


Arrange Someone To Take Care Of The Food


Now when we talk about taking care of the food at a desi wedding, we mean… well, someone who makes sure the waiters serve the food on time, they don’t waste the food and once everyone’s done eating they pack the food properly. This takes hours to sort out. 


You Over Decorate


No wedding feels truly complete without wedding decorations. However simple they may be.

First things first, what should you decorate? You don’t really have to decorate every single nook and cranny to make a huge impact, as long as you focus on these basic wedding decoration elements.


Provide Extra Seats at the Ceremony


Whoever belongs to a desi family knows, you’re always invited everywhere. So just know, you will always need roughly 20 more chairs than there are people when you’re having a desi wedding. 


Over-Scheduling Your Photographer


Timing is significant on your wedding day and making sure that you have allocated enough time for your wedding photographer can make a huge difference to the quality and beauty of your wedding pictures; impressive candid shots need time and cannot be rushed. Of course, the logistics of each wedding can vary a lot. You should take into account that hair and makeup preparations can sometimes run over schedule. Make sure that your wedding photographer and hairstylist/make-up artist are aware of your wedding day timeline; your wedding preparations only happen once and you should ensure that there will be enough time for everything, especially photography.


Leave Enough Time for Wedding Dress Alterations


When you find your wedding dress, you may think the hard part is over…but when the dress arrives, you are likely to have something altered. Even if the dress fits you perfectly at that time, leave enough time before the wedding day to check if the dress still fits you perfectly or not. 


You Can’t Let Go of the Little Things


Many brides can count on at least one hand the details that did not go according to plan. Just know everything cannot go according to what you’ve planned, that doesn’t mean your day is ruined. The key is to let them happen and enjoy the day. 


You Forget to Eat


Last but not least among the things brides forget is to eat. Your wedding day is a very busy, overwhelming day. Get a good breakfast and plenty of water. And then enjoy everything that’s served at the event, you’ve earned it. After months of not eating, focusing on your body, you’ve finally achieved what you’ve wanted. Now EAT and enjoy your day. 

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